"Robber Baron" Transforms Into "Shrewd Businessman" After Loan to NYT

Plus: The Ethical Bush-Hater

Columnist Randy Cohen on a "Nutty" Pro-Life Teacher

The Times' ethics columnist (pictured at right) finds the following sentiment extremely strange: "They will be standing on behalf of the one-third of their generation that have been innocent ...

"Ethics" Meltdown at the Times

Times "ethics" columnist Randy Cohen explains what rules should be obeyed while ignoring those that conflict with his libearl worldview.

Ethics Columnist Pretentiously Defends Donation to MoveOn.org

The Times' liberal ethicist after being caught donating to MoveOn.org: "Few papers would object to a journalist donating to the Boy Scouts or joining the Catholic Church. But the former has an ...

"The Ethicist" Links Mark Foley to Bush's "Profound Assault...on Democracy Itself"

Columnist Randy Cohen, on CNN to talk about Foley: "...this, it seems to me, is a part of a larger pattern of the administration's habit of secrecy, of cover-ups. We see other example in Bob ...
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