Rasmussen Finds Most "Angry" with Liberal, Pro-Obama Media

A Rasmussen survey finds most Americans (51%) say the average reporter is more liberal than they are, and nearly as many (48%) think the media are "are trying to help" pass President Obama's ...

Rasmussen Reports: Voters See Media As Liberal, Biased, Too Powerful

A new survey from Scott Rasmussen finds that more than half of all voters (51%) believe "the average reporter is more liberal than they are," and two-thirds (67%) think the media have "too much ...

Times Disputes Validity of Pollster Showing Close Mass. Senate Race, Yet...

Covering a surprisingly tight Senate race in Massachusetts, Abby Goodnough referenced a Rasmussen Reports poll showing a Republican closing in, but twice emphasized that most news organizations ...

And the Winner Is ... Anyone but the Media

Journalists refuse to believe any link between industry collapse, liberal bias.

The Cost of Killing Palinzilla

The liberal media's all-out assault on the faith and character of the GOP vice presidential nominee comes at a steep price: credibility.

Newsweek: Anti-Drilling Obama 'More in Touch with Voters' on Energy

Fineman cites poll findings: Obama ahead of McCain by 14 percent on 'energy,' but other polls show a majority of Americans favor drilling offshore and in ANWR.

Even Liberals See a Liberal Bias at the Times

A poll from Rasmussen Reports finds the Times "the only media outlet that liberals are more likely to see as having a liberal bias than a conservative bias."
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