Housing 'Recovery?' Not So Fast

Media went 'looking for a housing recovery' in 2009, but in 2011 home prices 'double-dip' to an 8-year low.

CNBC's Santelli Right, 'Experts' Wrong; Unemployment Spikes to 9.1%

Disappointing May jobs report shows only 54,000 jobs added, despite media claims that prosperity just around the corner.

Media Seek Silver Linings in Economic Storm Clouds

Despite worrisome reports on jobs, GDP, housing and other sectors, reporters continue to spin bad news for Obama.

Never Mind the Darkness, Obama Says it's Morning in America!

Can you feel us 'turning the corner' into the 'Summer of Recovery?' Me neither.

Sad-Sack Economics Reporter Puts on Happy Face: A 'Vigorous Recovery' Has Arrived!

Chronically pessimistic Peter Goodman is suddenly Mr. Happy about the U.S. economic recovery: "At malls from New Jersey to California, shoppers are snapping up electronics and furniture, as fears ...

The Media's Top 10 Worst Economic Myths of 2009

From jobs 'saved or created,' to stimulus saving the economy, to 'deficit neutral' health care reform; here are ten biggest stories the media got wrong this year.

Stanford Prof.: U.S. 'Not in Anything Resembling' Great Depression

David M. Kennedy tells Bloomberg there are 'consequences' to protectionism.
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