Cramer: Depression Comparisons are 'Scare Tactics'

CNBC 'Mad Money' host backtracks on Depression warnings, urges calm amid recession.

'Evening News' Shows How Green Innovation is Done -- Without Government

Car designer able to create marketable "green" automobile without help from government or large auto manufacturer.

CNN Fights the Free Market Argument

Ali Velshi of 'Your $$$$$,' says critics of regulation could meet 'in a phone booth.'

'Today' Unveils 'Water Footprint' Alarmism

NBC morning show obsesses over resource, compares H2O to financial crisis.

Michael Moore Proposes Gov't Takeover of Autos; Good Riddance to Capitalism

Controversial filmmaker blasts free market system for carmakers failure, says federal control would produce mass transit and hybrid cars.

Friedman: Let Gov't, Not Companies, Reap Carbon Tax Revenue

NY Times columnist agonizes over politicians reluctant to impose taxes that would artificially influence market behavior.

NBC Universal Plans Wall-to-Wall 'Green Week' Coverage

Family of networks will air 150 hours of environmental programming Nov. 16-22.

Liberal Financier Soros Blames Consumption for U.S. Crisis

Billionaire left-wing donor also says Fed chairman 'a little slow' reacting to crisis, calls Treasury Secretary 'market fundamentalist.'

Courage in Face of Deadly Tornado Spawns Rare Positive Coverage of Boy Scouts

Will the media apply the lessons the Iowa Scouts have taught them to the beleaguered Scouts in Philadelphia?

Newsweek Helps Obama Four Different Ways

Magazine spares no efforts to help Obama over the Wright hurdle.
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