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NPR's 'Non-Partisan' Talking Head Served in the Obama and Clinton Administrations

On Monday's Morning Edition on NPR, Minnesota Public Radio correspondent Elizabeth Stawicki featured Karen Pollitz of the Kaiser Family Foundation during a report about ObamaCare, but failed to ...
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NPR Ballyhoos Sequester's 'Definite Minuses', Potential 'Bigger Negative Effects' on the Economy

The Wall Street Journal's David Wessel channeled the Obama administration's doom and gloom about the sequester on NPR's Morning Edition on Monday. Host Renee Montagne turned to Wessel to give a ...
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NPR Touts Leftist Campaign Against 'Hardline Conservative Policies'

On Thursday's Morning Edition, NPR's Peter Overby slanted towards a left-wing coalition targeting the conservative group ALEC. Overby trumpeted how Coke and Pepsi succumbed to pressure from the ...
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