Deborah Solomon Gives Up 'Q&A' Slot; Showed Blatant Hostility Toward Conservatives

Peter Baker's respectful interview with Donald Rumsfeld in the Times Sunday Magazine makes quite a contrast with Deborah Solomon's aggressive and hostile approach toward conservatives like William ...

Joe Lieberman's Unfriendly Sendoff, With Daily Kos Leftist As Escort

The Times let the founder of the left-wing Daily Kos blog do a victory lap upon Lieberman's announced retirement from the Senate. The paper was more respectful in saying farewell to the ...

Social Security: Government 'Ponzi' Scheme Turns 75 with $41 Billion Shortfall

Social Security with its 'trust fund' of IOUs is in serious fiscal trouble, but you wouldn't guess it from the mainstream news media.

Departing Public Editor Hoyt: We're Not the Fox News of the Left

The paper's departing public editor Clark Hoyt admitted the Times' editorial page and columnists are liberal and that the paper shares the prevailing sensibilities of the city and region where it ...

CNN Exposes 'Lavish' Government Pensions despite Economic Crisis

While many Americans struggle simply to reach retirement, 'Broken Government' illustrates Congressional members' 'generous' pensions.

Stolberg Marks 'Poignant' Departure of Another Liberal Senator

Sheryl Gay Stolberg had previously lauded defeated Democratic Senate leader Tom Daschle as "a man of decency."

Farewell Tour for Environmental Reporter (And Eco-Activist Songwriter) Andrew Revkin

During his tenure with the Times, Revkin stayed well within the bounds of liberal conventional wisdom on environmental issues like global warming and population. Today, we send him off with a song.

More Slimy Double Standards From Sportswriter Harvey Araton

For Araton, it's necessary for athletes and athletic commentators to speak out on public issues - unless it's for a cause that's not politically correct, like supporting teammates falsely accused ...

Linda Greenhouse Leaves the New York Times, Liberalism Intact

Greenhouse, a Times reporter who marched for abortion rights and told a Harvard audience the Bush administration had undertaken a "hijacking of public policy by religious fundamentalism," has ...

ABC Misses Investment Opportunity as Stock Market Slumps

'World News' segment about bad month for markets ignores investing golden rule: When stock prices are cheap is the best time to invest for long-term.
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