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NYT's Weisman Wonders Why GOP Won't Just Capitulate After Obama Win: "What Are Elections For?"

Times reporter Jonathan Weisman can't believe it: "Republicans in the House and Senate are standing firmly in the way of Mr. Obama’s second-term agenda, with a message that is striking when ...
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Bitter Republicans 'Cling' to Spending Cuts, Suggests New York Times Front Page

Times political editor Richard Stevenson nods along to the liberal view of life in his "conservative"-heavy analysis of a Republican Party "clinging" to spending cuts: "Liberals dismiss the ...
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As Cuts Loom and Public Shrugs, NY Times Suddenly Spins Other Way on Sequestration

Spinning the sequester in the New York Times. After weeks of cringing in fear over the supposedly damaging federal cuts due to take effect tomorrow (even as the public shrugs them off) Jonathan ...
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NYT: Stevenson Bizarrely Hits U.S. 'Spending Cut' Obsession, Defends Moderate Obama from 'Extreme' Conservatives

Richard Stevenson was dismissive of "the conservative mantra that nearly all problems can be traced back to excess government" and criticized Obama's "more extreme conservative critics" for ...
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Playing Into Obama's Populist Pose, NYTimes Obsesses Over Romney's Vacation Digs, Rich Donors

Times reporter Richard Stevenson delivers a leftist lecture: "In an era of populist backlashes against the 1 percent and increased concern about the economic and social ramifications of income ...
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Editor Richard Stevenson Flops in Defense of New York Times's Fairness

A Politico story angered liberal journalists by daring to admit conservatives had a point about media bias in the presidential campaign. Times political editor Richard Stevenson rallied to his ...
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