That Wacky South Carolina GOP!

Reporter Robbie Brown slips in some Democratic partisanship in a supposedly fun story about the wacky South Carolina GOP, quoting a Democratic official about the state as an accentuated microcosm ...

Times Quick To Name GOP as Insulting Jews, Avoided Labeling 2008 Anti-Semitic Tactics as Dem

The Times quickly identified as Republican two county chairmen who wrote a clumsy compliment about wealthy Jews being fiscally prudent. But when a Democratic candidate for Congress circulated ...

Times Takes Sides in Front-Page Story on Gates-Race Case

In the controversy over Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates's arrest, the Times tries some mind-reading: "In interviews here and in Atlanta, in Web postings and on television talk shows, blacks ...

The "Conservative" Geraldo Rivera?

Reporter Robbie Brown evidently doesn't watch much Geraldo, a passionate defender of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

GOP Senator "Questioned the Patriotism" of Democrat Max Cleland?

The Times conintues to spread mythology about a 2002 campaign ad targeting former Sen. Max Cleland, Democrat of Georgia.

"Rampant Development" & Bulldozers Win In Atlanta

More editorializing in the news section: "But in the contest between trees and the area's rampant development, the bulldozers have often won."
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