Robert Redford

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Fake but Accurate? Film Offers Sympathetic Take on Rather’s ‘Memogate’

Robert Redford to play Dan Rather in adaption of Mary Mapes’ book.
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Robert Redford on CNN: Some Republicans Wanted to 'Destroy' Obama

CNN gave liberal actor Robert Redford a podium to bash Republicans with on Wednesday's New Day. Redford accused some Republicans of wanting to "destroy" President Obama. "I think that no matter ...
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Robert Redford Loves Stephanopoulos's Fawning Over His '60s Radicals Film: 'You Ought to Be on the Marketing Team!'

George Stephanopoulos was so enthusiastic towards Robert Redford and his sympathetic new film about an ex-1960s radical that the actor enthused, "You ought to get on the marketing team!" The aging ...
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