Jackie Calmes Twice Sees an Obama Goal of Budget 'Austerity'

No wonder it's so hard to cut federal spending: A limited "spending freeze" of $250 billion over three years, out of a 2001 budget of $3.8 trillion, is twice trotted out as a radical "austerity" ...

Times Declares Obama Victory on Health Care ! (Again)

"Obama Strategy on Health Care Legislation Appears to Be Paying Off," declares a familiar-sounding Times headline. Is the Times right this time, or is its enthusiasm for Obama-Care's prospects ...

Times Devotes Three Whole Paragraphs to Dems Free Speech Suppression

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called out the Obama administration for using a federal agency to squelch mailings by health insurance company Humana warning customers of cuts to the ...

Times Turnaround? Concerns Over "Death Panels" Suddenly Not So Outlandish

A week after the Times declared concern over health-care rationing under Obama's reforms a "false" idea spread by conservative conspiracists, health care reporter Robert Fear says those "concerns ...

Robert Pear, Victim of Excessive Obama Enthusiasm Syndrome

Health reporter Robert Pear is very optimistic about Obama's big health-care takeover. Last month another Times reporter declared the administration was "well achieve a major ...

What's This? Times Actually Fact-Checks Obama's Health Plan Claims

Reporter Robert Pear's reality check lacked the passion of campaign-era defenses of Obama on various issues, but at least it was there.

Splitting the GOP, One Label-Heavy Front-Page Story at a Time

Today's story marks the second front-page story in six days on the ideological split between the Republican Congress and Republican governors over Obama's "stimulus package."

Robert Pear Revs Up the Wayback Machine

Pear calls Lilly Ledbetter the Democratic "answer" to Joe the Plumber - but she preceded him in the campaign spotlight by several months.

More Strange Bedfellows: Times Aligns With Business, Docs vs. GOP

In two consecutive lead stories, the Times take the side of business organizations in spats against Republican policies.

The Times Finds Yet Another "Widening Gap" - Life Expectancy

Only the Times could spin an increase in life expectancy as a disturbing trend: "Life expectancy for the nation as a whole has increased, the researchers said, but affluent people have experienced ...
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