Free Publicity on CBS for Millionaire Liberal's Call to Tax the Rich

CBS's Chris Wragge spotlighted a millionaire's bid to raise taxes on the rich on Thursday's Early Show, all the while omitting that his guest is a big money donor to liberal candidates like Al ...

CBS's Erica Hill Wonders if Americans Are Being 'Scammed' by Oil Companies

In an interview with former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Erica Hill wondered if higher gas prices in the wake of Mideast unrest were the result of some ...

Contessa Brewer: What If GOP Nixed ObamaCare Repeal, Invested In Unemployed Instead?

Reporting that House Republicans will soon be voting to repeal President Obama's "job-killing" health care law, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer wondered if the GOP should take a different route to ...

CBS: The Rich to Blame for Bad Economy, Need to Pay Higher Taxes

On CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent Martha Teichner promoted left-wing class warfare talking points from former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich: "[He] in a new book points out another ...

CNN's Griffin to Reich on Idea to Seize BP: 'Illegal;' 'Smacks of Venezuela'

On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Drew Griffin pressed former Clinton administration official Robert Reich on his call for a federal takeover of BP and its efforts against the Gulf oil leak. ...

Larry King: Put the Bankers in Straitjackets

CNN's Larry King equated efforts against further regulation of the banking industry to letting the mentally ill run their psych wards on his program on Monday. King pressed conservative columnist ...

Santelli takes on Liberal Economist Reich on $1.1 Trillion for IMF

CNBC reporter debates former Clinton Labor Secretary on merits of government spending to 'reflate' collapsed credit market.

Unemployment Nearly as Bad as During Clinton

Media selectively spin downturn into foundation for new, New Deal.

Not Just Recession, Clinton Appointee Talking 'Depression'

Former Labor Secretary Reich: 'I Think There's a 20 Percent Chance of a Depression'
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