Worth's Worthless History: Arab Revolt Lacks 'Standard-Bearer' Like Lenin or Mao

Huh? Times writer Robert Worth: Arab revolution lacks "intellectual standard-bearers" like Lenin and Mao that could provide "became symbols of a people's aspirations." It's not the first time ...

A Times Turnaround? Freed Gitmo Prisoner Linked to Terror Makes Front Page

Issue that were starkly black and white during the Bush administration, like the necessity of closing down Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have suddenly become nuanced now that Obama is in the White House.

A Sanitized Profile of Hezbollah's Unhappy Campers

Reporter Robert Worth devotes 2,600 words to Hezbollah's "Boy Scout"-style youth movement" in Lebanon without once using the word "terrorism."

Nostalgia for the Good Old Days in Pre-War Iraq

Robert Worth's watercolor memory of pre-war Iraq: "Their Iraq was Basra before the first Gulf War, when it was full of cafes and canals, still known as 'the dark land' because of its thick canopy ...
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