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Chris Matthews: Weird Gun People Are Not 'Normal,' 'Obsessed,' Racist

According to Chris Matthews, pro-Second Amendment Americans are weird, not "normal," "obsessed" and probably racist. In a segment on Thursday's Hardball, the cable host played a new National Rifle ...
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MSNBC Hypes Ron Reagan to Trash GOP as a 'Haven for Bigots'

MSNBC on Thursday again featured Ron Reagan to trade on the legacy of his father, trashing  the Republican Party as a "haven for bigots." The liberal son of the former president appeared ...
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Ron Reagan Attacks Rush Limbaugh: He's 'Race Baiting All the Time'

Ron Reagan Jr. took exception to Rush Limbaugh criticizing Mitt Romney’s comment that he wasn’t willing to say “incendiary things” to fire up the base, as the MSNBC contributor lectured: “Rush ...
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