ABC Skips Controversy with Leftist Roseanne Barr, No Mention of 'Burnt Jew Cookies' Photo Spread

Hard-left comedienne Roseanne Barr appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning America and faced no questions about her controversial, often bizarre statements, such as in 2009 when she dressed up like ...

Roseanne Barr: Cheney 'Never Worked Honest Day in His Life,' 'Traitor' Palin's Followers Are 'Dumbest People on Earth'

As she debated right-leaning rocker Ted Nugent on a special edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday during the 9:00 PM EST hour, liberal comedian Roseanne Barr tagged Sarah Palin a ...

Hillary Clinton, "Den Mother of Her Factory Floor"

Jodi Kantor's "compliment" - Hillary reminds her of Roseanne Barr's sitcom character.
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