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Consumed by Royal Baby Watch, Nets Ignore Violent Jihad Against Mid-East Christians

ABC, CBS, NBC talked pregnancy 110 times; never mentioned escalating anti-Christian violence.
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In Three Days, Network Morning Shows Devote More Airtime to Royal Baby Than All of IRS Scandal

In a mere three days, the Big Three network morning shows have devoted more coverage to the birth of the British royal baby then they gave to news of the IRS scandal since that story broke 74 days ...
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Priorities: Networks Devote an Additional 85 Minutes to Royal Baby, Still Mum on IRS Latest

The three network morning shows on Tuesday predictably lost all perspective over the birth of the royal baby, devoting a staggering 85 minutes of coverage to Britain's new prince. Yet, ABC, NBC ...
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HuffPo Hypes Hopes Royal Baby Will be Gay

Poll shows support for little prince if he’s gay.
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Chris Matthews Pollutes Royal Baby Coverage: Brits Like Us Even When We're the 'Bad Guy'

Not even the birth of the royal baby could keep Chris Matthews from making a snide liberal attack. In a closing commentary, Monday night, the Hardball anchor touted the special relationship ...
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