Stephen King Mocks 'Patronizing' Rush Limbaugh, 'Crazy' 'Nutcase' Glenn Beck

Best-selling novelist Stephen King slammed Glenn Beck as a "crazy" "nutcase" and Rush Limbaugh as a cynical huckster in his August 6, 2010 Entertainment Weekly column. The horror author derided ...

CNN's Rick Sanchez: Bringing the Bias to Prime Time

Rick Sanchez, who hosts his Rick's List program for two hours during the afternoon on CNN, will be taking on the network's 8 pm Eastern hour slot for several weeks between Campbell Brown's ...

Rick Sanchez & Roland Martin Slam Limbaugh, Beck as Illegitimate, 'Racist'

CNN's Rick Sanchez returned to attacking conservative talk radio on Wednesday's Rick's List program, lamenting that "a lot of people in this country...think that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are ...

Perplexed Matthews: How Can South Carolina GOPers Vote for Indian-American But Not Support a Black President?

Chris Matthews, on Wednesday's Hardball, invited on recently defeated Republican Representative Bob Inglis to slam Matthews' favorite targets, namely the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin ...

Obama Hates the Press and Journalists Can't Handle That Truth

Media thought all you need is love, but discover that doesnt work against unfriendly administration.

Wash Post Columnist: Divorced Conservatives and Palin Hypocrites If They Criticize Obama

The Washington Post's Colbert I. King is a regular TV commentator and a Pulitzer prize winner, but the column he churned out for Saturday's paper amounted to little more than a lazy ad hominem ... Equates Helen Thomas to Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity

'Broadsheet' columnist Anna Clark blames White House press room fixture's downfall on ageism and sexism.

Washington Post Assigns Limbaugh Book Review to Rush-Hating David Frum

The new book on Rush Limbaugh by Zev Chafets drew a book review in The Washington Post - by David Frum, the GOP establishment's favorite Rush hater.

NYT Critic Accuses Author of Limbaugh Bio of 'Stockholm Syndrome'

New York Times critic Janet Maslin harshly accused journalist Zev Chafets of exhibiting "Stockholm syndrome" for his failure to lambast Rush Limbaugh in his new biography of the talk radio giant.
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