Another Uncritical Take on a Left-Wing 'War Resisters' Group

A tiny knot of supporters of accused WikiLeaks leaker, Army analyst Bradley Manning, get some publicity in the paper's special San Francisco section.

The Vast Child-Fattening Conspiracy

The social libertines aren't permissive about everything. In San Francisco, they're banning Happy Meal toys because the food isn't healthy enough. Bake sales and Pepsi are under forceful attack.

O'Reilly Alone Reports Gay Attack on Christians

Homosexuals enraged over Prop. 8 physically and sexually assault a group of religious believers innocently praying in a public place, and this isn't news?

CNN Analyst: Legalized Prostitution Could Help Economy

Sunny Hostin says lawful prostitution more beneficial to San Francisco than decriminalization.

SF Chronicle Glosses Over Reality in Listing for Folsom Street Fair

City's newspaper uses euphemism to sanitize a sadomasochistic, pornographic event.

Pelosi: San Fran 'Mischaracterized' by Right as 'Out of Mainstream'

House Speaker claims 'exploiters' villainize city because they don't want to nation to follow lead in 'living wage,' health care and environmental 'value.'

Former S.F. Mayor: Obama Will Face 'Pushback' from Supporters

Brown says candidate will find resistance on issues like 'income inequality.'

Finding the "Religious Right" in Pakistan, but No Liberals in San Francisco

Somini Sengupta: The Red Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan, the source of a violent battle between government forces and Islamic extremists, is "the fiery epicenter of Pakistan's religious right."
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