CBS's Chip Reid Rails Against Failure to Extend Unemployment Benefits: 'Senate Republicans Are to Blame'

CBS's Chip Reid on Thursday railed against the Senate for failing to extend unemployment benefits. The Evening News reporter opined, "So who's fault is that? On the surface, it appears Senate ...

CBS and NBC Delight in Al Franken's Sketch of Sessions: 'Suitable for Framing'

CBS and NBC took time Wednesday night to showcase Democratic Senator Al Franken's artistry - but not to scold Franken's frivolity. As CBS displayed Franken's drawing of Republican Senator Jeff ...

60 Minutes Empathizes with Hillary Clinton's Challenge After Bush, Hails Her Work Ethic and 'Global Star Power'

A quick look at the flavor Sunday night's fawning 60 Minutes profile of Hillary Clinton which framed her job around the challenge of fixing a world abused by George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice. ...

CBS's '60 Minutes' Highlights Illegal Immigrant 'Carnage' in All-American Canal

In wake of Arizona's new immigration law, CBS 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley fretted over illegal immigrants entering the United States by swimming across California's All-American Canal: "a ...

'60 Minutes' Hit Job on Chevron Flawed, Journalism Review Admits -- 11 Months Late

Pelley's so-called investigation of oil companies alleged pollution in Ecuadorian rainforest 'an exercise in innuendo.'

'60 Minutes' Promotes $27-Billion Leftist 'Fraud' Efforts Against Chevron

One-sided segment uses misleading footage, biased sources and omits key points to perpetrate scheme by Ecuadoran government, friend of Obama.

'Superstar' Knut: Poster Bear for Warming Dangers No More

Now a 440 pound 'killing machine' Knut loses spotlight and possibly his home.

Report: Global Sea Ice at 'Unprecedented' Levels

April 2008 had the third highest recorded amount since records were started in 1979, contradicting media coverage of diminishing sea ice.

BMI's Gainor: 'Disagreement is Not Allowed in the Media'

Business & Media Institute Vice President tells 'Fox & Friends' media ignore and mistreat global warming 'skeptics.'
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