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Pop Has-Beens Attack Romney for 30-yr-old Dog Incident

1980s Novelty band Devo to release a song for Seamus.
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Gail Collins, Obsessed With Romney's Dog Story, Hypocritically Defends Obama's Dog-Eating: 'Not the Same'

New York Times columnist Gail Collins, who has obsessed over Mitt Romney's dog Seamus, strapped in a crate on the roof of a car during a family vacation decades ago, reluctantly brought up Obama's ...
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NYT's Gail Collins Ignores Obama's Dog Dinners, Brings Up Romney's Crate-Gate, Wonders Why GOP Has 'Animal Issues'

New York Times columnist Gail Collins, back from vacation, and apparently oblivious to Obama's confession of dog eating, keeps harping on the ancient Crate-gate: "Did you ever notice how many of ...
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NYT Columnist Gail Collins Takes Her 'Seamus' Obsession to Letterman Show

New York Times columnist Gail Collins went on the Late Show with David Letterman, ostensibly to discuss her biography of President William Henry Harrison. But the first segment was entirely ...
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Times Covers a Dozen People in Silly Protest of Romney's Crate-Gate; Ignored Massive Pro-Life March

The New York Times found newsworthy a mocking protest against Mitt Romney by a “dozen people” representing the canine community, which apparently feels insulted by Mitt’s treatment of his ...

Gail Collins Still Haunted by Romney's Crate-Gate - Mentions Dog-on-Roof Tale 23 Times

Gail Collins is still "haunted by Seamus," the story of Mitt Romney's family dog strapped to the car roof in a crate, mentioning the infamous incident 23 times over four years of columns.
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