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Rumsfeld: ‘Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Improve the Lives of Their Fellow Citizens’

George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense defends capitalism, slams socialism in his new book.
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NY Times Helps Hagel Across the Finish Line: 'Incendiary,' Uncollegial Opponents 'Have Not Found Much'

Reporter Jeremy Peters says there's nothing to see here: "Independent political groups have mobilized to try to dig up anything unflattering on Mr. Hagel. Though they have not found much, the ...
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More Sympathy for Hagel in NY Times; GOP 'Further Strain Partisan Tensions' by Unprecedented (?) Filibuster

Boo hoos on Chuck Hagel's delayed nomination from Times reporter Jeremy Peters: "Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked President Obama’s nominee to lead the Pentagon in a defiant move likely to ...
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NYTimes Skips Benghazi to Laud Hillary Clinton's 'Legacy' and Frequent Flier Miles While Secretary of State

Celebrating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "legacy" (but not Benghazi) on Sunday's front page: "As she leaves the State Department, the simplest yardstick for measuring Mrs. Clinton’s ...
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