David Herszenhorn Mocks Mitch McConnell's Limited Government Rhetoric

Not much respect for limited government views from reporter David Herszenhorn, as he takes to mocking the Senate Republican leader: "Mr. McConnell's complaint? You guessed it! Government takeover."

Times Devotes Three Whole Paragraphs to Dems Free Speech Suppression

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called out the Obama administration for using a federal agency to squelch mailings by health insurance company Humana warning customers of cuts to the ...

Times Leaves Out Dems Speech Suppression, but Touts Lefty Actor's Parody Ad

The Times' health care priorities revealed: A parody ad by liberal comedian Will Ferrell and left-wing is considered newsworthy; suppression of free speech by the Obama administration ...

Sickly Rebuttals in Defense of Big-Government Medicine

Reporter David Herszenhorn tried to fact check conservative Sen. Mitch McConnell's attacks on socialized medicine, but came off looking pretty anemic.

The Times Again Gets Enthusiastic About Kentucky Dems

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky looks vulnerable, and the Times piles on. But the paper also led the cheers enthusiasm for a Kentucky Democrat in 2003, and the GOP won easily.

Abysmal Approval Ratings of Democratic Congress: GOP's Fault?

The Democrat-controlled Congress has an extraordinarily low approval rating - but a Times reporter sees risks for the GOP.
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