CBS Rues Unfairness of Rich Not Paying Enough Without Noting More Than a Third of Americans Pay Nothing

CBS News on Sunday morning managed to examine incongruities in the U.S. tax system, highlighting those ' including a former New York Times reporter ' who think the wealthy aren't paying enough, ...

CBS Uses American Muslim Family to Frame Hearings on Radical Islam as Discriminatory

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, following a report that portrayed congressional hearings on radical Islam as bigoted political theater, correspondent Seth Doane profiled a Muslim family in ...

CBS: U.S. Muslims 'Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country'

Filling in for anchor Katie Couric on Thursday's CBS Evening News, Early Show co-host Harry Smith introduced a report on opposition to building mosques in some areas of the country: "...they feel ...

CBS: Gulf Oil Spill An 'Opportunity' to Push Green Energy on 'Power-Hungry' America

At the top of CBS's Sunday Morning, host Charles Osgood proclaimed: "From sky-high air-conditioning bills to gasoline-fueled vacations in the car, there's nothing like summer to remind us that we ...

Networks Darken 'Black Friday'

Broadcast journalists marginalize increased turnout, spending; focus on downbeat angles of holiday shopping.

'Evening News' Blames U.S. Economy for Reno's 'Tent City'

CBS's series highlights worst-case, hard-luck situation to show financial mess hitting home.

'Evening News:' Food Stamp Allotments Aren't Enough

CBS emphasizes hardship of food stamp users, complains that government has not increased federal assistance to match food inflation.
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