Celebrating Explicit Sex Ed for Teenagers

Jan Hoffman: "The messages, rendered in teenspeak, can be funny and blunt: for Real Talk, a technology-driven H.I.V. prevention program run by the AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, teenagers ...

NYT Sunday Mag: 'What if Our Kids Really Believed We Wanted Them to Have Great Sex?'

From explicit sex education, to praise for left-wing idol Elizabeth Warren, to another attack on fracking in Pennsylvania, the Sunday Magazine pushed liberalism from all angles this weekend.

New York City Mandates Sex Ed, Times Cheers

The newspaper said it's "long overdue" to require sex education for middle school and high school students, and offered no objection to Planned Parenthood teaching the lessons.

Times Pushes Condom Education, Quotes Planned Parenthood Twice Without Proper ID

While discounting the value of abstinence education, reporter Roni Caryn Rabin twice quoted Planned Parenthood without mentioning that it's a pro-abortion conglomerate which operates abortion clinics.

Abstinence, Biology and Bozo on 'View'

Walters' posse tackles sex ed.

No More Niceties: News Report Twice Labels McCain Claims Just Plain "False"

Reporter Michael Cooper's stylebook is bluntly pro-Obama.

Rohter Rides to Obama's Defense on "Distorted...Discredited" Sex-Ed Charges

Reporter Larry Rohter's pro-Obama fact-checking: McCain's accusations "seriously distort the record....old and discredited accusations." As if Barack Obama and Joe Biden never make faulty ...

Teen Sex Is Up? Blame Abstinence

ABC's Good Morning America and NPR point the usual finger, while Washington Post provides more balance.

Evangelists for Teen Sex

The Midwest Teen Sex Show is a series of infomercials for 'comprehensive' adolescent indulgence.

Sex on a Plane: MTV Runs Ad Showering Airline Passengers with Condoms

San Francisco Planned Parenthood chapter uses gay character to pitch the pill, the patch and latex.
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