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Liberals: Museums Should ‘Cut All Ties’ with Climate Skeptic David Koch

Climate alarmists claim involvement of ‘science deniers’ and fossil fuel industry compromises ‘integrity’ of institutions. 

Hypocrisy on Display: NYT Defends, Runs Photo of Ants-on-Crucifix Art, But Proudly Refused to Run Muhammad Cartoons

From London, critic Michael Kimmelman mocked conservative critics of the Smithsonian's sponsorship of an artist's clip showing ants crawling on a crucifix, a picture of which appears in the Times. ...

Talking Ants-on-Crucifix Art, Frank Rich Grieves 'Homophobia Is at Most a Misdemeanor' in D.C.

Frank Rich loses it again, defending in nasty and personal terms the ants-on-crucifix art on display at the National Portrait Gallery in D.C. "The incident is chilling because it suggests that ...

Art Critic on 'Ideological Strong-Arming' of D.C. Gay Artists Show: 'Difference Was Sent Back Into Hiding'

Art critic Holland Cotter did not approve of the removal of a video from a Smithsonian show featuring gay artists, and made it known in a pretentious manner: "With the exhibition 'Hide/Seek: ...

Jesus and Muhammad: NYT Hypocrisy on 'Challenging, Disturbing' Images

The Times berates the Smithsonian for pulling a video offensive to some Christians: "The exhibition is supposed to deal with culturally challenging images. Indeed, some of the most important roles ...

Newsweek's Hirsh: Don't Worry About Pork, This is an 'Emergency'

Columnist opines on how Obama isn't living up to his expectations early on in his presidency.

NBC Lobbies for $2.5 Billion in Smithsonian Funding

'Nightly News' implies liberal senator wants money for museum, but even she calls for cuts.
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