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Snowbound Networks Devote 17+ Minutes to Climate Change

In month of brutal cold, heavy snows and snowiest February for Boston, nets maintain warming obsession.
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MSNBC Suggests Connection Between Blizzard and Climate Change on Five Separate Shows

Cable network guests and hosts bring up climate change in snowstorm reports, although some scientists dispute connection. 
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NBC Edits Democratic Atlanta Mayor Out of Snowstorm Controversy, Blames GOP Governor

At the top of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams proclaimed that "the [Republican] governor of Georgia [Nathan Deal] chose to fall on his snow shovel" over how Tuesday's rare ...

NBC Uses October Snow Storm to Push Global Warming

On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams followed a story on the late October northeast snow storm by ominously proclaiming: "Everybody out east said the same thing about this freak ...

Hypocritical Times Smears Whistleblowing Conservative Councilman With Wife's Bankruptcy

Given the importance the Times gives toward the financial situation of the wives of subjects, one wonders how the paper managed to miss it when one of its own economics reporters, Edmund Andrews, ...

The Times Finally Covers Union Snow-Shoveling Slowdown, Buries It on A-20

After being beaten to the punch by local TV and the New York Post, the Times tentatively tackled charges that sanitation workers sabotaged the cleanup after last week's city blizzard - but only ...

Ratigan Unhinged: Attacks Warming Skeptics, Gives Pass to Liberal Alarmists in Plea for Sides to 'Cool Off'

MSNBC host responds to criticism of his claim that record-setting snowfall was a sign of global warming.
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