NY Times Marvels At Rwanda's 'National Health Care'

Report buries unavailable services, long wait times, reliance on U.S. aid

ABC's Primetime White House Special to Feature ObamaCare Cheerleader Johnson

Network's medical editor never met socialized medical plan he didn't like.

Sickly Rebuttals in Defense of Big-Government Medicine

Reporter David Herszenhorn tried to fact check conservative Sen. Mitch McConnell's attacks on socialized medicine, but came off looking pretty anemic.

Unhealthy Eagerness for More Government Health Care

Kevin Sack crosses his fingers for government-run health care: "If a broad swath of Americans feel destabilized enough by health costs, their demands for relief could help marginalize the kind of ...

The NYT Wants to Put "Wasteful" Health-Care Choices to Sleep

The Times, a supporter of universal health care, wonders if "wasteful" medicines and "expensive" new medical procedures are worth "a few months" - or even five years - of extra life.

Earth to Couric: Personal Responsibility, Not Socialized Medicine, Will Save Lives

CBS promotes universal health care again, but other stories in the news show that common sense and healthy habits are the keys to driving down mortality rates.

Is the Times Pushing for National Health Care?

The paper devotes most of its latest poll to health care questions and claims most would willingly pay more taxes for it. But that number is the same as it was in 1993.
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