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Soledad O'Brien Parrots White House Talking Points on HHS Contraception Mandate

Even when told that paying for birth control would violate the consciences of certain religious organizations, CNN's Soledad O'Brien wondered why the groups still shouldn't have to cover ...

Soledad O'Brien Falsely Labels Bush as 'Food Stamp President'

On Tuesday, for the second time in two weeks, CNN's Soledad O'Brien insisted that President Bush, not President Obama, is the "food stamp president," even though data show her argument is ridiculous.

CNN Urges Gabby Giffords' Husband to Run for Office

On Friday's Starting Point, host Soledad O'Brien urged former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, to run for her seat in Congress.

CNN Bypasses Obama-Alinsky Ties, but Links Tea Party to Alinsky

CNN's Soledad O'Brien would not brand Saul Alinsky as a leftist radical, and neither would she say President Obama was influenced by his writings ' but she had no problem tying Alinsky's ...

CNN Hints At 'Racial Coding' In Gingrich's Words

On Thursday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien insinuated that candidate Newt Gingrich speaks with a "racial coding" on the campaign trail.

CNN's O'Brien Grills 'The Obamas' Author Over 'Controversial' Portrait of First Lady

In a testy interview Friday morning on CNN's Starting Point, host Soledad O'Brien gave New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor the third degree over the credibility of her new book "The Obamas." ...

CNN's O'Brien Tells Romney the DNC Chair Has a Point - That's Not What She Said Earlier

When DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claimed that Mitt Romney suffered a "setback" in New Hampshire, CNN Soledad O'Brien challenged her outlandish assumption ' but then used the talking point ...

ABC, CBS Pound Romney on Business Background; CNN Downplays New Hampshire Win

Mitt Romney appeared on all six network and cable morning shows on Wednesday and endured repeated liberal attacks about whether he'll be able to "defend" his business background, and even an ...

CNN's O'Brien Refuted by Her Own Network's Reports

Attempting to dismsiss negative reports about Obama's White House, CNN's Soledad O'Brien completely mangled and fumbled key facts on Monday's Starting Point.

CNN's O'Brien to Romney: Won't Your Immigration Stance Drive Latinos to Obama?

CNN's Soledad O'Brien tried to make race an issue on Tuesday where there was no conflict to begin with, and she continued thumping Republicans over immigration on Wednesday. O'Brien asked ...
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