She's No John Edwards: Times Quickly Airs Blogger's Claim of Affair With SC Gov. Candidate

Whatever happened to the Times' daintiness over sexual allegations involving Democrats like John Edwards? Shaila Dewan barely hedges when reporting claims of an affair between a candidate for ...

That Wacky South Carolina GOP!

Reporter Robbie Brown slips in some Democratic partisanship in a supposedly fun story about the wacky South Carolina GOP, quoting a Democratic official about the state as an accentuated microcosm ...

South Carolina Conservatives 'Catering to the Angry Fringe'?

South Carolina Rift Highlights Debate Over G.O.P.

Times Quick To Name GOP as Insulting Jews, Avoided Labeling 2008 Anti-Semitic Tactics as Dem

The Times quickly identified as Republican two county chairmen who wrote a clumsy compliment about wealthy Jews being fiscally prudent. But when a Democratic candidate for Congress circulated ...

Newspaper Association Cancels Conference in South Carolina Over 'You Lie' Remark

National Newspaper Publishers Association backs out of January Palmetto state conference over Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst.

MSNBC Features NYT Columnist to Deride Hypocrisy of Red State Conservatives

MSNBC's Carlos Watson on Monday provided a friendly forum for New York Times opinion writer Charles Blow to link red states and social conservatism with the hypocrisy of sex scandal-ridden ...

Sanford and Sin Will Dog G.O.P Through 2012

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's confession of adultery gives the Times another chance to round up recent (and not so recent) stories of Republican misdeeds and controversies and suggest they ...

Mocking Gov. Mark Sanford for "Extreme" Frugality, Stimulus Rejection

The Times mocks conservative South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford for not taking federal stimulus money, and picks a strange time to start picking on "extreme" frugality.

AP Suggests Christians Oppose Faith-Affirming License Plates

Article quotes three pastors who oppose I Believe license plates in SC, but no pastors in favor.

"Faltering" Fred Lashes Out at Huckabee (and the NYT)

Fred Thompson: "You can tell that the news is good coming out of Iraq because you read so little about it in The New York Times."
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