NBC's Gregory Asks Rep. Hoyer About Dem Strategy to 'Cast Republicans as Extremists'

In an interview with Democratic Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer on NBC's Today, Meet the Press host David Gregory, filling in for Matt Lauer, asked: "I wonder, as a Democratic leader, whether ...

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Sticks Up for NPR: 'Nobody Is Suggesting That Their Journalism Has Been At All Biased'

Andrea Mitchell joined Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer in sticking up for NPR as the NBC correspondent, on her MSNBC show, declared: "Nobody is suggesting that their journalism has been at ...

Steny Hoyer, Centrist? Since When?

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse has a bad habit of turning liberal Democrats into "centrists" or even "conservatives."

Hushing Rush after 20 Years

Liberals in Congress view talk radio as a profound threat to their power. They intend to do whatever they can to reduce the impact of conservative talkers, First Amendment be damned.

Oil Expert: Dem House Leader Misleads CNBC on Oil Lease Drilling

Hoyer tells 'Squawk Box' oil companies aren't drilling in 80 percent of leased areas, but fails to explain there's no production in those areas.
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