Clifford Ignores Liberal Slant as Culprit in Newsweek's Decline

Stephanie Clifford's front-page piece on the money-losing Newsweek doesn't mention the mag's liberal opinionizing. But she was quick to snidely spot a right-wing slant at Reader's Digest.

Times Has (Some) Praise for National Enquirer Breaking Edwards' Story It Ignored

Stephanie Clifford gave credit to The National Enquirer linking former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards to his mistress Rielle Hunter - but lets the media (and the Times) off the ...

Is Reader's Digest Move to the Right Putting It Outside Mainstream?

Stephanie Clifford (pictured) got in some cheap digs at Mary Berner of Reader's Digest, who is retrenching the magazine toward its conservative roots.

The NYT Tackles US Weekly's "Scandalous" Cover Story on Sarah Palin

A focus on liberal bias: "The celebrity magazine, which usually focuses more on Britney and baby bumps than elections, drew criticism from readers for the cover. A record number of commenters on ...

Mayor Bloomberg to Buy the NYT? Publisher Sulzberger Says No

The NYT Co. also headed off a possible proxy fight at its annual shareholders meeting by installing two representatives of its critics onto its board of directors.
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