Economists Warn Obamanomics Mistakes Will Worsen Economy; WSJ's Moore Responds

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Stephen Moore says recovery inevitable, but warns Obama economic policy could hurt job growth.

Matthews Charges Town Hall Protestors 'Upset Because We Have a Black President'

Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, painted town hall protestors as racist as he charged, "I think some of the people are upset because we have a black president."

LA Times Columnist Perturbed Californians Reject Higher Taxes

Michael Hiltzik claims state's citizens have been lied to: 'most onerous lie' that Cali's tax burden is highest in the nation.

CNN: Obama's Tax Plan 'Robbing Peter and Giving to Paul'

'Your $$$$$' moderates debate over Bush tax cuts 'crashing failure' and Obama's redistributionist plan.
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