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Not on Steroids

"Young and Stupid" George Bush, Henry Hyde

Timothy Egan starts out writing about a baseball superstar's steroid use and ropes in two prominent Republicans along the way.

Another Strike Out for Baseball

Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez admits to using steroids but networks largely failed to call it cheating.

Liar, Liar, Who's the Liar?

Baseball great Roger Clemens and his former trainer testify before Congress. While the media and America wonder which one lied, the real issue is what the scandal says about our culture.

Will Barry Bonds Get Off the Low Road?

Will the slugger do what's best for baseball and for the nation, and accept responsibility for what he's done? Or will he continue his selfish, feeble effort to protect himself?


Barry Bonds is responsible for cheating his fans, his fellow players, and himself.

The Gentleman and the Juicer

Cal Ripken Jr. is a striking contrast to Barry Bonds.


Irresponsible steroid use by pro athletes leads to invasive Texas law.
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