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CBS Frets Jeb Bush Will Have Trouble in Primary Since GOP ‘Enthusiastically’ Backs ‘More Conservative Candidates’

On Thursday’s CBS Evening News, correspondent Jan Crawford reported on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s resignation from a number of corporate and nonprofit boards ahead of a possible campaign ...
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CNN Implies Bigotry Is Behind Some Opposition to Immigration Bill

CNN's New Day used Rep. Steve King's controversial remarks on illegal immigrants to paddle the GOP and hint that bigotry is partly behind opposition to the immigration bill. Co-host Chris ...
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CNN Asks Steve King If GOP Is 'Chastened' By Election Losses

During CNN's inauguration coverage on Monday's Starting Point, correspondent John King helped bolster President Obama's image as he asked Tea Party Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) if Republicans ...
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MSNBC's Chris Matthews Sneers: Congressman Steve King Is a Bigot

Chris Matthews on Thursday smeared Congressman Steve King as a racist, declaring that the Republican representative is "prejudiced against Latinos." The liberal cable anchor came to the conclusion ...
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NYT's Steinhauer: 'Incendiary' Tea Party Could Pay Dearly in 2012 Congressional Elections

Jennifer Steinhauer brings bad tidings for several Tea Party candidates in November due to their "incendiary statements": "[Iowa Rep. Steve] King’s troubles underscore the liability of a national ...
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