Networks Focus on Victims as They Paint 'Severe' Alabama Law as 'Arizona on Steroids'

Matching the pattern set in coverage of Arizona's immigration enforcement law, the broadcast network evening newscasts on Thursday night all framed their stories on Alabama's "severe" new law ...

ABC Touts Teachers Blaming Standardized Tests for Atlanta Cheating Scandal

As the broadcast network evening newscasts filed reports this week on the teacher cheating scandal in Atlanta, Georgia, ABC's World News went furthest in seeming to sympathize with the teachers ...

Former Clinton Aide George Stephanopoulos Touts Sex Scandal Rumors Against Nikki Haley

ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Monday touted allegations about a supposed affair between Republican Nikki Haley and a lobbyist. Recounting the details of the charges leveled against the ...

ABC: Abortion Broadcasting Company

'World News Sunday' features a propaganda piece on late-term abortion.

Did Someone Say Pray? Bring on the Atheist Rebuttal!

ABC ridicules Georgia governor Sonny Perdue for asking God to relieve a drought.
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