Stuart Varney asks: Has Europe's 'Paganism' and Secular Culture led Directly to its Economic Decline?

FBN host looks Heavanward for clues to Europe's decline.

NBC Feeds Toyota Fears; Ignores Government's Conflict of Interest

Toyota safety incidents are rare and the transportation secretary's boss owns a competitor, but you'd never know it from 'Today.'

BBC Host and HuffPo Blogger Warns of U.S. Military Action if China Pushes for Global Currency

Max Keiser tells Aljazeera English that countries won't push toward a global currency for fear 'U.S. Marines are going to show up in our backdoor.'

Public Pans Obama's Abortion Action

Gallup finds Obama's overseas abortion funding decision least popular. Will media continue its silence on the issue?

Air America President Dismisses Deficit Spending as 'Rhetoric'

Liberal talk radio head Mark Green says balanced budgets only 'politically real.'

NBC Laments Bush's Last-Minute Oil Shale Maneuvering

Correspondent Lisa Myers cites actor Robert Redford to prove energy strategy a threat.

Michael Moore Proposes Gov't Takeover of Autos; Good Riddance to Capitalism

Controversial filmmaker blasts free market system for carmakers failure, says federal control would produce mass transit and hybrid cars.

Nanny State Diaries: CBS Profiles Schools Outlawing Baked Goods

Overbearing state ban on food with high sugar or fat content makes fundraising bake sales illegal.

"Unsubstantiated Accusations" by Swift Boat Vets?

Plus: Times still sliming Duke lacrosse players and Wal-Mart employees are fat, poor and sick.

The Easter "Hit" Parade

Cultural elites launch a veritable blizzard of attacks on religion during Christianity's holiest time of the year.
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