Jesse Jackson and HuffPo's Next Crusade: a Student Loan Bailout

The Reverend has found a new grievance group: students in debt.

Let's Outlaw YOUR Business Next

First they came for the student loan providers, and I did nothing ...

CNN: Got Student Debt? Give Yourself to AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps

Network's Elam enthuses over government schemes that steer students away from the private sector.

CNN Recites Party-Line of the Fed's Student-Loan Take-over, Neglects Consequences

The government's direct loan program is already rife with waste and inefficiencies. But CNN viewers wouldn't know it.

'World News' Laments Rising Tuition, Ignores Causes

ABC finds students struggling with higher college costs, but fails to identify reason for tuition inflation.

Glater Still Cheerleading for Liberal Student Loan Programs

Reporter Jonathan Glater issues a virtual press release in favor of a liberalized (in both senses) student loan repayment program praised by Naderites.

NY Times Depicts Anti-Loan Industry Zealot as Hero

Article glosses over student loan 'justice' founder's harassment of bank executives

'Nightly News' Takes Populist Tone on Student Loans

NBC urges federal involvement instead of personal responsibility, ignores government role in rising tuition.
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