It's Alive! (Again): Times Reporter Once Again Hails Resurrection of Obama-Care

Reporter David Herszenhorn hailed the health summit as Obama's "grand gesture of bipartisanship," opined that Obama's massive remaking of U.S. health care was "a largely middle-of-the-road ...

NBC News: Oh Canada, We See So Many Upsides in Your Single-Payer Health Care

'Nightly News' finds time on broadcast to praise the benefits of the Canadian health care system while in Vancouver for Olympics.

Media Defend Obama's 'Revamped' Health Care Takeover Plan

Networks and cable misreport elimination of 'Cornhusker' deal, fail to criticize price controls and downplay public opposition.

NBC Promotes Green Agenda in G-8 Summit Report

'Nightly News' blasts U.S. government for inaction on climate change and promotes expensive Japanese efforts.

Climate Changes, but Media Remain the Same

Environmentalists, journalists head to Bali to discuss ways to spend your money.
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