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Lies My Textbooks Told Me: Judging Recent Supreme Court Justices

Textbooks attack Reagan and Bush Supreme Court nominees, label moderate justices as 'conservatives.'
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NYT's SCOTUS Reporter Greenhouse Quotes Robert Frost to Shame Justices on AZ Immigration Law

Greenhouse: "....what finally came through as most deeply troubling was this: the failure of any participant in the argument, justice or advocate for either side, to affirm the simple ...
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NYT's Preston Again Points to Protests to Suggest AZ Immigration Law Unpopular, Ignoring Actual Poll Data

What Julia Preston reported in today's New York Times: "In Washington and around the country, protests against Arizona were far more numerous than public actions in support. Demonstrators in ...
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NYT SCOTUS Reporter Linda Greenhouse Still Insists Obama-Care Opponents Don't Have "Much of an Argument"

The former New York Times Supreme Court reporter again defends Obama-care, even after it was knocked around during Supreme Court argument: "Personally, I think I agree with many constitutional ...
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NBC Accuses Federal Judge of Bringing Politics Into Courtroom By Questioning Obama

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams accused a federal judge of bringing politics into the judicial process simply by ordering the Justice Department to explain controversial ...
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No 'Embarrassment' for NYT's Greenhouse, Even After 'Simply Wrong' Side Demolishes Obama-Care in SCOTUS

No "embarrassment" here: Former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse, who called Obama-care opponents "simply wrong" about the law's unconstitutionality right before the ...
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Calmes Thinks Democrats Can Run Against SCOTUS: No Criticism of Obama's 'Unprecendented' Warning to Court

Wishful thinking on behalf of Obama? New York Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes fancies that criticizing the Supreme Court might be a winning issue for Democrats for a change. Calmes ...
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Dowd Unleashed: Supreme Court 'Run By Hacks," Stole Election for Bush

Times columnist Maureen Dowd is not happy with the Supreme Court's hostility toward Obama-care: "It is run by hacks dressed up in black robes." She also accuses the court of stealing the ...

NYT Front-Page Fret: 'Health Law At Risk;' Quotes Tilted 9-1 in Favor of Unpopular ObamaCare

New York Times reporters Reed Abelson and Katie Thomas feared for the consequences of a world without Obama-care on Saturday's front page: "A Health Law At Risk Gives Insurers Pause." The ...

NYT Front-Page Fret: 'Health Law At Risk;' Quotes Tilted 9-1 in Favor of Unpopular Obama-Care

Reed Abelson and Katie Thomas tilt the soundbites 9-1 in favor of Obama-care supporters: "Abandoning the efforts and billions of dollars invested since the law was passed in 2010 would result ...
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