Swift Boat Vets Inspired a Term for "Smearing a Political Opponent with Lies"

Charlie Savage is not happy with a new anti-Sonia Sotomayor ad with a tie to the campaign against John Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Times Accuses Group of Anti-Obama "Lies" on Abortion - But They're Right

The Times throws out the L-word against a group that wants to air a commercial accusing Obama of being a proponent of abortion on demand. But Obama has pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, ...

Was John Kerry "Swiftboated" in 2004?

No surprise in the Times' choice of verb.

NYT Attacks Term "Swift Boating" After Years of Using It

Reporter Kate Zernike, the Times most ardent John Kerry defender, finds another front from which to launch attacks on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

As Isolated POW, McCain Didn't Learn Correct Liberal Lessons from Vietnam

Matt Bai in a Sunday Magazine cover profile of McCain and his experience as a POW in Vietnam: "Whatever anger McCain felt remained focused on his captors, not on his own superiors back in Washington."

NYT Admits: Dan Rather's Forged Anti-Bush National Guard Report Was "Unsubstantiated"

After constantly terming as "unsubstantiated" allegations by the Swift Boat Veterans against John Kerry, the Times redeploys its favorite word in a welcome new context.

Times Questions Giuliani's 9-11 Presence - Yet Never Challenged Kerry's Vietnam Stories

Giuliani's presence at Ground Zero after 9-11 gets scrutiny completely absent from the Times' coverage of John Kerry's Vietnam record.

The "Unsubstantiated" Swift Boat Allegations Rise Again

A flashback to the Times' 2004 campaign coverage -"unsubstantiated accusations" again Sen. John Kerry from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Reporter Kate Zernike Helps Kerry Out Again

Zernike somehow misses what everyone in America into politics already knows: Kerry's "flubbed joke" didn't mention Bush at all.

Still Spinning for Kerry's "Stuck In Iraq" Gaffe

The Times suggests that attacking Kerry and defending U.S. troops is a bad strategy for Bush.
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