Carl Hulse Accuses Nevada GOP of 'Swiftboating' Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Carl Hulse reports on a Nevada GOP accusation against Sen. Harry Reid by using the Swift Boats Veterans for Truth as a synonym for lying: "Sensing a possible Swiftboat attack, the Reid campaign ...

Deborah Solomon Calls Swift Boat Vets "Ugly Chapter" in U.S. History

Sunday Magazine reporter Solomon (pictured) confronts T. Boone Pickens on the charges made by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: "I thought it was all invented."

Defending Obama, Times Again Slimes Swift Boat Vets

Reporter Michael Powell: "In 2004, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic nominee for president that year, and his campaign also tried to ignore unfounded rumors besmirching his war ...

Vitter Scandal: Media Swallow Larry Flynt's Line

Quite a contrast to the media hostility when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth exposed John Kerry as a made-up war hero.
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The Media vs. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

The Media vs. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
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