Gee, Why Is 'Civil Rights Activist' Al Sharpton So Quiet These Days?

The Times wonders why "provocative civil rights activist" Al Sharpton has been so quiet when it comes to the rape charges filed against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, but virtually ignores his ...

CBS's Stahl Proclaims 'Stately' Al Sharpton's 'Metamorphosis'

CBS's Lesley Stahl played up how Al Sharpton apparently "has gone through something of a metamorphosis" as she spotlighted the "street-protest agitator...now trusted White House adviser" on ...

Still Ignoring Al Sharpton's Hateful Past

Patrick Healy hits inflammatory Al Sharpton hard in his story on Sharpton's tour of Democratic presidential candidates: "The Rev. Al Sharpton, a man who says he knows a well-tailored suit from a ...

"Civil Rights Leader" Al Sharpton

Are they serious?
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