Some Kids Eat Fast Food; Some Kids Are Fat

The Media Connects The Dots

Media Help Sell Mass Extinction Scare

Claims that global warming will cause 'mass extinction' by 2050 were received with uniformly sympathetic coverage by media outlets.

Have Another Helping Of Obesity!

ABCs Primetime Says Government, Industry Are Making Us Eat Too Much

Upcoming Primetime Monday Special On Obesity Is Old News

ABC has already identified the culprit: Television

Fat Like Me: How To Win The Weight War

A Rare Kudos To An ABC Special Report on Obesity

Where Was The Washington Posts Fiscal Conservatism During The 1990s?

The Posts sudden fiscal conservatism is noteworthy, but we are skeptical.


Yes, the Free Market Works and the Liberals Just Hate It

Safe Under Any Conditions?

Offering young drivers a false sense of security

McDonalds Made Me Eat It!

Media pursue a cure for the obesity epidemic

Why Cant the World Be Safe for Idiots?

Protesting the Iraq war
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