Jon Stewart to Michael Steele: GOP Base Is 'So Easily Ignitable'

On Tuesday's "Daily Show," liberal comedian Jon Stewart flashed a smirk and wondered why the conservative base of the Republican Party is "so easily ignitable." The comedian hosted former ...

NYT Hails Jon Stewart, 'Television's Pre-eminent Fact-checker of Fox News'

The Times goes after an old enemy indirectly, in a flattering profile of "The Daily Show" and its relentless "fact-checking" of Fox News.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Touts McVeigh Special, Warns U.S. Is Seeing 'Upswing' in 'Anti-government Extremism'

Liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appeared on the Daily Show, Tuesday, to promote her new Timothy McVeigh special and to compare, "The dark side of it is that [McVeigh] really did see himself as ...

Lefty Jon Stewart Hits Bush Speechwriter for Living in 'Selective World,' Tells Him to Respond on Internet

Liberal comedian Jon Stewart featured a rare conservative voice on Tuesday's Daily Show, former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen. As he often does during the occasions he talks to right-leaning ...

Cramer Claims Stewart Was Trying to Get Him Fired: 'One Day He'll Answer for It'

CNBC 'Mad Money' host admits 'Daily Show' appearance wasn't one of his best, but fires back at Comedy Central host.

NYT Reporter Jokes About How Bush Team Resembled Drunken Bar Bullies

An exchange from The Daily Show: Host Jon STEWART: "Didn't many around him want to go confront everybody? I mean, literally it felt like these are just like a bunch of drunken frat... it reminds ...
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