CBS Uses Editor of Liberal Magazine to 'Fact Check' ObamaCare

At the top of Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith teased an upcoming segment on dispelling myths about health care reform: "There's so much anger, this vitriol that we see day after day ...

Alleged NYT Conservative Declares Conservatism Dead

Sam Tanenhaus, Week in Review editor and alleged conservative, declares "Conservatism Is Dead" on the cover of The New Republic.

The New Republic Folds on Baghdad Diarist, but Times Hypes NRO Errors

Patricia Cohen lumps in an apparent fabulist at TNR with unconfirmed reporting at NRO: "Tough days for The New Republic and a rival, National Review."

The New Republic Smears the Troops – With a Hoax?

An article written under a pseudonym defames American soldiers in Iraq with dubious, unverifiable stories of cruelty.
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