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CBS’s Schieffer Fails to Challenge Timothy Geithner’s Claim That White House Didn’t Direct Him to Spin Negative News

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, to promote his new memoir Stress Test, yet host Bob Schieffer barely touched on the most ...
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Left Swoons for Loony ‘Magic Coin’ Plan

Campaign in full swing to have Treasury invent trillion-dollar denomination to stave off spending cuts.
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CBS: 'Self-Evident' Middle Class Will Spend More If Taxes Stay Same; Promotes Obama Photo-Op

"Militantly non-partisan" Major Garrett sounded more like an Obama administration flack on Thursday's CBS This Morning as he spotlighted the President's latest P.R. stunt. Garrett noted Obama's ...
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CBS Brings on Elizabeth Warren to Back More Bank Regulation; Spikes Ancestry Controversy

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose and Erica Hill touted Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren's past time as "the government's chief watchdog during the 2008 bank bailout" as she was ...
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