Frank Rich Unleashes His Inner Ashcroft

In the era of Barack Obama, dramatic liberal columnist Frank Rich is suddenly gung-ho about fighting terror.

Obama "Supporters" (and Times Reporters) Compare Obama to Lincoln & FDR

Reporter Peter Baker: "President Obama had not even taken office before supporters were etching his likeness onto Mount Rushmore as another Abraham Lincoln or the second coming of Franklin D. ...

Times Turnaround? Concerns Over "Death Panels" Suddenly Not So Outlandish

A week after the Times declared concern over health-care rationing under Obama's reforms a "false" idea spread by conservative conspiracists, health care reporter Robert Fear says those "concerns ...

Britons vs. Conservative 'Distortions'?

In a one-sided news story, Times London reporter Sarah Lyall laments conservative "distortion" of Britain's National Health Service, after editorializing in favor of the NHS: "I applaud a system ...

Times Blog Post: Katie Couric Reads News Naked?

A blogging freelancer recalls his shock at a Photoshopped picture of Katie Couric delivering the news bottomless. How did the museum beat writers miss that?

Goodnough Fails to Consider Cynical Political Motive by Kennedy

Times writer Abby Goodnough takes Sen. Kennedy at face value for his reasons to change Massachusetts law governing Senate vacancies, a law he helped put in place in 2004 for partisan purposes

Mike Hale Describes 'Kindler, Gentler, More Conservative' Bias of 60 Minutes

A Times TV writer finds the CBS show was "more conservative" than leftist comedians and Canadian agitprop shows in the Sixties.

A 'Sweeping Anti-Abortion Law' That Doesn't Ban Abortions?

James C. McKinley Jr. reports on an Oklahoma judge striking down a "sweeping anti-abortion law" that didn't actually ban any abortions

Tabuchi Scolds Toyota As It 'Holds Back' on Electric Cars

Hiroko Tabuchi devotes a Business Day article to scold Toyota for not becoming green enough fast enough.

Karl Marx Is 'Back in Vogue,' Times Book Reviewer Enthuses

The Times' Dwight Garner rhapsodizes over a revisionist biography of Engels, the friendly, "jovial" co-writer of "The Communist Manifesto."
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