17 Years and Counting: ABC's Tim Johnson Continues Spinning for Health Care Law

For the last 17 years, ABC's medical editor, Dr. Tim Johnson, has hyped various forms of government-run health care. He continued that pattern on Tuesday's Good Morning America, promoting Barack ...

ABC's Sawyer: 'Protesters Roaming' DC, 'Increasingly Emotional, Yelling Slurs and Epithets'

As if anti-ObamaCare protesters are unruly street gangs, ABC's Diane Sawyer, anchoring Sunday's World News on what she touted as "a night for the history books," impugned the opponents as a bunch ...

Gibson Rues Loss of Media Objectivity....Moments After Johnson Pontificates on Health

ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson shared his view he "absolutely" favors passage of the current ObamaCare bill, though "I would personally prefer to have public option and/or Medicare expansion directly ...

ABC's Johnson Recites Canard Lack of Health Insurance Kills 45,000 Annually

In contending America already has health care rationing, ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson, a universal coverage advocate, on Friday night's World News asserted "a recent Harvard study estimated that 45,000 ...

ABC Airs Fantasy About Impact of House Health Care Bill

Chief medical editor tells viewers the great things the bill will accomplish 'right away,' ignores future cost of mandates.

ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson Sees Nothing But Upside in Government-run Health Care

Dr. Tim Johnson, ABC's medical editor and longtime fan of government-run health care, appeared on Monday's Good Morning America to tout the great benefits of passing congressional legislation. ...

ABC's Tim Johnson Finds Yet Another Way to Lobby for Government Health Care

On Wednesday's Good Morning America, co-host Diane Sawyer and Dr. Tim Johnson touted the treatment members of Congress get as an example of the unfairness of the health care system. Sawyer ...

For Top TV News Docs, the Diagnosis Is Bias

ABC, CBS and NBC Health Care Reporters: Democratic Donors and Proponents of Government Health Care

ABC: The All-ObamaCare Network

'The View' allows Dr. Tim Johnson to promote government-run health plan.

Tim Johnson Returns to Cheerleading for Obama

Just a day after acting like a journalist, ABC medical editor reads from presidents Teleprompter on 'GMA.'
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