Egan Says GOP Hates "Cash for Clunkers" Because They Want Obama to Fail

Former reporter Timothy Egan explains why some in the GOP are opposed to "cash for clunkers": "They hate it, many of these Republicans, because it's a huge hit. It's working as planned, and this ...

Egan: Bush Years of "Sanctioned Torture and War Built on Deceit"

Happy 4th of July! Reporter turned nytimes.com blogger Timothy Egan celebrates the return of liberal patriotism after the nightmare of the Bush years.

Egan Exploits Gun Massacres to Call for Gun Control

Liberal reporter turned nytimes.com blogger tries to use his Western street cred to argue for stricter gun control.

Liberal Timothy Egan Passes Moral Judgment on "Truly Awful Rich People"

Egan celebrates the death tax and wonders if there's a Hell painful enough for Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and Leona Helmsley.

Former NYT Reporter: "Clown" Limbaugh a "Sweaty, Swollen Man"

Timothy Egan, liberal reporter turned liberal nytimes.com blogger, jumps on the White-House driven anti-Rush bandwagon.

"Young and Stupid" George Bush, Henry Hyde

Timothy Egan starts out writing about a baseball superstar's steroid use and ropes in two prominent Republicans along the way.

Medicare Trims Suddenly Not So Scary When Obama Proposes Them

Plus Falling for French Prank & Liberal Snobbery on the Loose

Liberal Snob Egan Angry at "No Good" Joe the Plumber's Book Deal

Timothy Egan: "Joe, a k a Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, was no good as a citizen, having failed to pay his full share of taxes, no good as a plumber, not being fully credentialed, and not even any good ...

Egan on Sarah Palin, "Alarming" Alaskan Outsider

Liberal reporter turned nytimes.com blogger Timothy Egan argues that the Alaskan Palin may be too strange for mainstream America - a week after attacking Cokie Roberts for calling Hawaii a ...

"Militantly Anti-Choice" Palin Has the "Echo of Dan Quayle"

Liberal reporter-turned-leftist nytimes.com blogger Timothy Egan mocks vice presidential pick Gov. Sarah Palin.
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