NPR Skirts IDing Corzine as a Democrat; Readily Tags Republicans

NPR's Yuki Noguchi and Lynn Neary completely omitted Jon Corzine's Democratic affiliation on Thursday's All Things Considered, while mentioning practically every other prominent occupation he has ...

New ABC Health Correspondent Is an Obama Donor

ABC's new "senior medical editor," Dr. Richard Besser, donated $400 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, a search on OpenSecrets.org reveals. Besser, who filled in as acting director ...

ABC Medical Editor Calms Down Media's Flu Coverage

Dr. Timothy Johnson tells viewers virus may not be as 'lethal' as feared; calls out overreacting media.

About-Face: Media Outlets Turn on 'Cancer Vaccine' Maker

Two years after broadcast networks, newspapers heralded Gardasil 'breakthrough,' Merck under attack for marketing its product.
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