NBC, CBS Morning Shows Gloss Over Low Support for Obama's Libya Attacks, Harsh Criticism

Only Good Morning America's Jake Tapper on Tuesday pointed out the relatively low public support for Barack Obama's military actions in Libya and the harsh criticism from both the right and the left.

NBC Promotes 'Princess Boy' Propaganda

'Today' Show fawned over a cross-dressing five-year-old and his book-touting mother.

NBC's 'Today' Includes Michael Moore as Expert to Attack Wall Street

Morning show continues media attack on bankers and bonuses with propagandist filmmaker.

Dr. Snyderman's Unhealthy Prediction

'Today' segment connects the dots between obesity and world power.

'Today' Slams Citi for Trying to Switch from Bonuses to Salary Hikes

NBC uses 'greed' clip from well-known anti-'Wall Street' film, unemployed Michigan woman to criticize banks return to profitability.

To NBC it's About Jon & Kate … Minus Eight

'Today' focuses on show's ratings, not on children.

'Today Show': Don't Stay Together for the Kids

NBC guest, ignoring evidence, suggests divorce is sometimes better for children.

NBC Contradicts Itself on New Bill to Protect Consumer; May Hurt Students Trying To Establish a Good Credit Score

'Today's' Money Panel: Recommends Plastic in Moderation as Congress Makes it Harder for People under 21 to Get Credit Cards.

Matt, Meredith and Al 'Dazzled' by Michelle Obama's Night Out at the Met

NBC's Matt Lauer and Al Roker, on Tuesday's "Today" show, revealed they enjoyed a "nice" evening at the theater last night, in the presence of Michelle Obama, as she "dazzled New York City for a ...

'The Early Show' Focus: 'Is America Ready for a Gay Supreme Court Justice?'

CBS discusses identity politics; skips over judicial philosophy.
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